Vertical Orientation

 This Application(v0.34f) could replace the original Cable Box Remote control.
The original Cable Box Remote Control uses the Infrared ray remote control, but
This application will communicate using the Android phone Local BlueTooth Adaptor and 
another BlueTooth device with I.R. data transmitter module(see Picture) that connects to the CableBox.

One advantage is that with the smart phone it is not neccessory to aim by pointing to the Cable Box 
to control it.

One disadvantage is that the Bluetooth communication require more step to control the Cable Box
so that this beta application(v0.34f) can communicate with only one B.T 's MAC address that is coded in program therefore It can't communicate with other B.T. Module.
The Android Market posted Application(v0.34) can communicate any B.T module but this site demo
version v0.34f communicate only fixed address B.T module. 

This Application does not control to the Cable Box directory as the I.R. ray remote control but
requires B.T. Interface module between Android phone and Cable Box,

If it were capable to communicate any B.T.I.R Module then Remote control action need too many
step to control the Cable Box(click to chose B.T Mac address and wait complete shake hand).
As you see this application demo movie, it is ready to control 2 second after click Icon.

This beta application can only control the Cable Box Model
“Hawaii Oceanic Time Waner Cable Company's Scientific Atlanta Explorer 4250HDC”. 
Landscape Orientation
The Original I.R Remote and the B.T.I.R module 
Installed the B.T. I.R module to the Cable Box USB port
                      The B.T.I.R module

This module includes The Bluetooth, I.R transmitter and  PIC16F88(installed firm)

Connect to the Cable Box after reset Application
Connect to the Cable Box with B.T. adaptor off
Connect to the Cable Box with B.T adaptor On
Connect to The Cable Box in landscape orientation
Connect to the Cable Box without B.T. module attached to the Cable Box
Reconnecting to the Cable Box after orientation change
Reconnect to the Cable Box from long distance